What should photographers pay attention to when they apply for the contest?

  • Photographers should search for the right contest for them to see if they are the target audience. They need to read the Rules and FAQs pages before submitting their work. Contact with the team if you need any further assistance.
  • Going through the last years’ winner photographs will give them a clue about the content of the contest. Reading the comments of the jury members and winners can be useful advice for them.
  • Eliminating the finalists from the thousands of applications is hard. That’s why photographers should wisely select the works to shine amongst others.
  • Photography has a unique power of telling stories without the need for words; news photography should have all of the key points of the occasion that it covers. 
  • Photographers are often not objective while choosing their photographs, getting another opinion before submitting would be beneficial for them.
  • Applicants should decide on which category her/his work fits than prepare the descriptions to tell the atmosphere on what circumstances the photo was taken briefly and clearly. It will help the jury to understand the importance of the photograph.
  • Every photograph is handled from several aspects in the jury gathering such as technical features, perspective, how they use the equipment, the way news handled and if the content has the great importance for that year.
  • In the sectoral sense, photo competitions have great importance in order to increase the recognition of photographers and providing an important source for continuing their work. Above all else, submitting a contest which has a great importance worldwide, gives them an opportunity to step forward. Photography contests grow with their community; photographers need to share news about the contests to draw attention.
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