Photos from 60 countries submitted for AA Photo Awards

Nearly 250 contestants from 60 countries have submitted photos to The Anadolu Agency's photography contest.

In the first month alone, contestants from nearly 60 countries have applied to participate in The Anadolu Agency’s international news and sports photography contest, the Istanbul Photo Awards.

Organizers aim to make the contest one of the most important photo award contests in the world.

Some 246 contestants from 60 countries opened an account on the website of the Istanbul Photo Awards between Nov. 1-28. They have submitted a total of 585 photos. 

The photographers have sent 86 photos from France, 71 from Italy, 61 from Turkey, 44 from England and 32 from Palestine.

Photographers sent 258 images for the "news single" category, 36 images for the "sports single" category, 185 images for the "photo series" category and 106 images for the "sport series photo" category.

Applications to participate in the Istanbul Photo Awards were opened Nov. 1.

A combined amount of $58,000 will be awarded to the winners in four categories, and in one special prize.

Applications will be accepted until Jan. 31, 2015 on

Followers also can also learn of the contest from social media, including Twitter account "@istphotoawards," Facebook page "," and Instagram account ""

The jury will include TIME magazine’s Photo Editor Alice Gabriner, Stern’s Photo Editor Haral Menk, Director of Getty Images Georges Dekeerle, AFP’s Photo Distribution Director Michel Scotto, the World Press Photo award winners Guillaume Herbaut and Yuri Kozirev, war reporter Patrick Chauvel, Anadolu Agency Visual News Editor Ahmet Sel and AA’s Photography Editor Firat Yurdakul.

Photographers are invited to submit images to be assessed in four categories: News Single and News Story, for an individual news photo or a collection around a story, as well as Sports Single and Sports Story. The jury will also select one photographer for a special award.

The competition results will be announced on Anadolu Images, the international photograph platform of The Anadolu Agency.

The Award Ceremony will be held in April in Istanbul.

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