Anadolu Agency makes splash at French photo festival

Turkish news agency attends Visa pour L'Image festival in southern France for the fourth time

Anadolu Agency’s stand at the world's largest photojournalism festival, Visa pour L'Image, in the southern French city of Perpignan is getting attention from visitors and professionals alike.

This year the agency is participating in the event for the fourth time, working to tout Anadolu Agency’s Istanbul Photo Awards, which will be held for the fourth time in 2018.

Ahmet Sel, the agency’s visual news editor-in-chief, is attending the 29th edition of Visa pour L'Image, an event featuring internationally renowned news and photo agencies.

Sel said the agency revealed with the utmost accuracy human tragedies that other international media ignored, adding: "Anadolu Agency announced to the world the pressure and violence towards Muslims in Rakhine before the world," referring to the violent persecution of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

He went on to say that agency photojournalists exposed to the whole world the violence committed by racists and xenophobes during their recent demonstrations in the United States.

Visa pour L'Image, which is visited by around 150,000 people each year, takes place for two weeks from late August to mid-September.

The agency's stand will be open through Sept. 9.

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