AA grabs attention at Visa Pour L'Image Festival

Anadolu Agency's latest successful projects draws attention at one of the world's biggest news photography festivals - Visa Pour L'Image in southern France.

The Anadolu Agency drew intense attention at Visa Pour L’Image Festival which runs from August 30 to mid September in Perpignan in southern France. 

The agency held a stand in one of the world's biggest international news photography festivals along with other news agencies including Getty Images, AFP, AP, EPA and Kyodo News.

 Anadolu Images website, the agency's online photo editorial portal, was showcased for the first time to an international audience affiliated with photography. Foreign agencies and freelance photographers hailed the website as a positive development to display the agency's works which subscribers can access, distribute and publish.  

Ahmet Sel, the visual news editor of Anadolu Agency, said he received many enquiries on the agency, particularly with its images and Istanbul Photo Awards which attracted great attention at the festival.

"I had the chance to examine many photographers’ portfolios from Peru to America, Spain to Russia. This festival is a great opportunity for Anadolu Agency to expand its global photography network," he added.

The agency held meetings with large agencies from Germany, Italy and Japan to expand its distribution network and received positive feedback from representatives of news agency who expressed their willingness to publish the agency's football photographs.

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