AA attends MINDS International conference

Anadolu Agency promotes its global projects to international news agencies

Anadolu Agency representatives are attending a two-day conference in Stockholm held by MINDS International - an association of news agencies collaborating on the development of digital media business platforms.

Anadolu Agency's (AA) acting deputy general director Yilmaz Yaman introduced the agency’s global projects; Anatolia Images, Energy Terminal and Istanbul Photo Awards, at the conference in the Swedish capital, attracting great attention from participants.

AA participated in the gathering, which is held annually in Stockholm on 9-10 October, for the first time and was represented by Yaman and Product and Business Development Manager Burak Ucak.

The conference participants exchanged information about digital communications, new marketing approaches and technological innovations.

AA joined the MINDS platform, which currently consists of 22-member agencies from all over the world, last year.

The network's members include well-known agencies such as Agence France-Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP) and KYODO.

AA currently provides wire services in seven languages - Turkish, Arabic, English, Bosnian, Russian, Kurdish and French - and aims to increase the number to 11 by 2020, when it will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

MINDS International was founded in September 2007.

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