The third exhibition of Istabul Photo Awards 2019 has opened

The third exhibition of the award winning photographs of the "Istanbul Photo Awards 2019" organized by Anadolu Agency (AA) for the fifth time this year opened at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (IGS).

Şaban Kızıldağ reminded that this year's third exhibition of the Istanbul Photo Awards, the international news photography contest organized by AA, was opened in the opening speech.

Kizildag, stated that AA has a long history of witnessing photojournalists’ professional devotion in events like wars and natural disasters through its 100-year news agency tradition. "In this process, our experience has taught us to encourage young photojournalists by encouraging them and we started our Istanbul Photography Awards project. " he said.

"The contents of wars and conflict zones, such as Syria, Myanmar, Mexico and Indonesia, photographers from more than 100 countries have applied to our contest with approximately 15,000 photographs.

"We expect many photos from the Operation Peace Spring"

Kizildag stated that this year’s applications for the contest will start on November 1st as every year. “After the three-month application process is complete, we will be sharing with you the most impressive photos of this year in March. " he said.

Kızıldağ emphasized that the photographs will continue to be exhibited in many different cities such as Tokyo and New York until the end of the year. "I would also like to thank TIKA and THY, who have proudly carried our country's flag all over the world and supported this important project since the first day." used.

"The exhibition opens on the day that the ISG terminal building celebrates its 10th anniversary"

Stating that opening the Istanbul Photo Awards 2019 exhibition on the 10th anniversary of the ISG terminal building is a very good coincidence, Kızıldağ said, "I would also like to thank ISG for hosting our 3rd exhibition on such an important day." said.

"Photo, visual memory of history"

Canan Soysal, ISG Corporate Communications Manager, stated that they hosted a special exhibition on a special day. said.

ISG Airport in Turkey, underlining that one of the most important gateway to the world Soysal, "photography, visual memory of history. I'm guessing that marked the last year that saw huge interest in these photos." made the assessment.

Necip Cakmak Regional Director of ISG is not only providing a travel service at the airport, they also host an exhibition, stating that it is of great importance for other media organizations such as AA to ensure that people receive news.

In addition to informing the press as well as social tasks, Çakmak said, "What is happening in Syria and the world reports to us. The press has a very important role." said.

Çakmak expressed his wish for the exhibition to be auspicious and the continuation of similar activities. "I would like to thank AA officials for organizing such an event at our airport." he said.

Following the speeches, AA Board Member Kızıldağ presented a gift to Fikret Cömert, Assistant General Manager of ISG to thank him for his contributions.

Participants of the program, then under the guidance of AA Photo News Assistant Erhan Sevenler visiters toured the exhibition.

AA and ISG managers as well as art lovers and passengers participated in the opening of the exhibition which was announced to domestic and international passengers through announcements made in Turkish and English at the airport.

This year's third exhibition

After the first exhibition in Ankara, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport was the third stop of the award-winning photographs of "Istanbul Photo Awards 2019", which continues to be exhibited in Beyoglu.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Turkish Airlines (THY) officially sponsored the photo contest from more than 100 countries this year with approximately 15,000 photographs.

The exhibitions presented a selection of political events, immigration crises, natural disasters and striking life stories from Palestine to North Korea.

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport Terminal Operator with the contribution of ISG, the exhibition will be visited until November 30 at the international departures passenger exhibition area.

Anadolu Agency opens 'Photo Awards' exhibit in Istanbul

Anadolu Agency has opened its second exhibition in Istanbul, where award-winning news photographs of the international Istanbul Photo Awards 2019, are exhibited.

A selection from the most successful images of the international photography contest, held annually since 2015, has gone on display on Thursday at an exhibition hall of municipality building in the city’s lively Beyoglu district.

Istanbul's Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Coskun Yilmaz also visited the exhibition, while Anadolu Agency’s senior executives including Metin Mutanoglu -- deputy director-general and editor-in-chief -- and Ali Turker Pirtini, a member of board of directors, were also present at the event.

In an opening speech, Haydar Ali Yildiz, mayor of Beyoglu municipality, expressed his pleasure to host such an exhibition, which came on the same with the death anniversary of legendary Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Guler.

"The news is hidden in detail. I think you can find all the details in a photo that you cannot find in an article. One single photo may tell what we try to tell in pages," Yildiz said.

"Anadolu Agency is an agency that we are proud of in terms of being a reliable news source. I celebrate and thank everyone, who exert efforts [for the exhibition].

"I want to reaffirm that we want to maintain the cooperation between the Beyoglu Municipality and Anadolu Agency," he added.

The winner of this year's Photo of the Year award was a photograph taken by Ahmad Gharabli of Agence France-Presse (AFP). The winner photo depicts a Palestinian woman retaliating an Israeli soldier's act to take her photo during protests against the U.S. decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

'One of the richest photo archives'

A photo was one of the "indispensable" elements of news, Saban Kizildag, another board member of the agency, said, and added: "We as Anadolu Agency, have created one of the richest archives in the world in our 100-year journalism journey."

Kizildag reminded that Anadolu Agency was established [in 1920] in order to announce the victories on the field during the War of Independence.

"Anadolu Agency has never given up its mission since that day, and continued to be the voice of the oppressed and will continue to do so," he stressed.

"Our experiences remind us to encourage young photo reporters by awarding their efforts. So, we launched our project of Istanbul Photo Awards," Kizildag added.

Around 15,000 photo reporters applied from many countries and conflict zones including Syria, Myanmar, Mexico and Indonesia, he said, adding: "Our contest awarded 12 photographers from 10 countries in both news and sports categories. It was not easy to make this selection for the jury consisting of experienced editors and photojournalists."

Anadolu Agency plans to open this exhibition also in other cities around the world including Tokyo and New York until the end of this year, Kizildag said.

The agency's board member also thanked Turkey’s national flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) for assuming the official sponsorship of the contest.

The exhibition can be visited until Nov. 25.

Meanwhile, all the winning photos are available on

‘Istanbul Photo Awards’ exhibit opens in Ankara

Turkey's leading Anadolu Agency annually holds 'Istanbul Photo Awards' where photographers compete for prestige and prize

Anadolu Agency opened on Tuesday an exhibition in the central train station in capital Ankara where award-winning news photographs of the international Istanbul Photo Awards 2019 are exhibited.

The exhibition provides by-passers with an opportunity to take a glance at the most successful images of the international photography contest, which has been held annually since 2015 with the participation of a total of some 100,000 entries.

As the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we welcome such efforts and works and see [exhibitions] as a significant part of our cultural life," said Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Serdar Cam.

The photographs -- which depict various events and incidents such as migration, natural disasters, people's struggles across the world -- were meaningful and the exhibition selection was a total success, he added.

Editor-in-Chief Metin Mutanoglu said the photo contest encouraged photographers across the world top art in it, adding Anadolu Agency’s Istanbul Photo Awards proved it was a prestigious contest worldwide.

Mutanoglu thanked Turkish Airlines and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) for their contribution to the international photo contest.

The winner of this year's the Photo of the Year award was a photograph taken by AFP's Ahmad Gharabli, where he depicted a Palestinian woman retaliating an Israeli soldier's act to take her photo during protests against the U.S. decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Terrel Groggins

Here is the full video of 2019 Single Sports 2nd prize winner Terrel Groggins's winner photo back story. Let's hear what he has to say.


Anadolu Agency publishes Istanbul Photo Awards album

Album cover features winner of contest's top prize taken by Palestinian AFP photojournalist Ahmad Gharabli

Anadolu Agency has published the award-winning news photographs of the global contest Istanbul Photo Awards 2019 in an album.

The album covers the photographs selected as winners in four categories of the contest which is supported by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and officially sponsored by the national flag carrier Turkish Airlines.

The cover of the album featured the winner of the Photo of the Year award -- “Israel-US-Palestinian Conflict” -- which was shot by 40-year-old Palestinian AFP photojournalist Ahmad Gharabli.

The photo depicts a Palestinian woman retaliating an Israeli soldier’s act to take her photo during protests against the U.S. decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

The 2019 album of the contest, which has seen around 100,000 entries since first held in 2015, symbolizes the prominent events of the world agenda in 2018, from the photographers’ perspective.

Deborah Copaken -- an American photojournalist, author and jury chairwoman of the Istanbul Photo Awards 2019 -- wrote for the presentation of the album that all of the winning photos have stories that could only be told in thousands of words.

Russian jury member Yuri Kozyrev, a photojournalist with Dutch-based NOOR Agency and a jury member, said on this year’s top prize-winning photo: “It is a powerful example of how narrative war has become more important than physical war due to the new technology.”

The album will be distributed to leading press photograph representatives, news photo agencies and university libraries.

It will also be reached at the official webpage of the contest,

The award winning photos of this year will also be displayed on both domestic and foreign exhibitions, just like past years.

All the winning photos are available on, and professional photographers can apply for next year's contest on the same website from Nov. 1, 2019 to Jan. 31, 2020.