AA attends MINDS International conference

Anadolu Agency promotes its global projects to international news agencies

Anadolu Agency representatives are attending a two-day conference in Stockholm held by MINDS International - an association of news agencies collaborating on the development of digital media business platforms.

Anadolu Agency's (AA) acting deputy general director Yilmaz Yaman introduced the agency’s global projects; Anatolia Images, Energy Terminal and Istanbul Photo Awards, at the conference in the Swedish capital, attracting great attention from participants.

AA participated in the gathering, which is held annually in Stockholm on 9-10 October, for the first time and was represented by Yaman and Product and Business Development Manager Burak Ucak.

The conference participants exchanged information about digital communications, new marketing approaches and technological innovations.

AA joined the MINDS platform, which currently consists of 22-member agencies from all over the world, last year.

The network's members include well-known agencies such as Agence France-Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP) and KYODO.

AA currently provides wire services in seven languages - Turkish, Arabic, English, Bosnian, Russian, Kurdish and French - and aims to increase the number to 11 by 2020, when it will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

MINDS International was founded in September 2007.

AA grabs attention at Visa Pour L'Image Festival

Anadolu Agency's latest successful projects draws attention at one of the world's biggest news photography festivals - Visa Pour L'Image in southern France.

The Anadolu Agency drew intense attention at Visa Pour L’Image Festival which runs from August 30 to mid September in Perpignan in southern France. 

The agency held a stand in one of the world's biggest international news photography festivals along with other news agencies including Getty Images, AFP, AP, EPA and Kyodo News.

 Anadolu Images website, the agency's online photo editorial portal, was showcased for the first time to an international audience affiliated with photography. Foreign agencies and freelance photographers hailed the website as a positive development to display the agency's works which subscribers can access, distribute and publish.  

Ahmet Sel, the visual news editor of Anadolu Agency, said he received many enquiries on the agency, particularly with its images and Istanbul Photo Awards which attracted great attention at the festival.

"I had the chance to examine many photographers’ portfolios from Peru to America, Spain to Russia. This festival is a great opportunity for Anadolu Agency to expand its global photography network," he added.

The agency held meetings with large agencies from Germany, Italy and Japan to expand its distribution network and received positive feedback from representatives of news agency who expressed their willingness to publish the agency's football photographs.

Anadolu Agency announces the Istanbul Photo Awards

A new awards competition for news and sports photojournalists will be organized by Anadolu Agency, with entries accepted in November and December

The Anadolu Agency is to organize its own international news and sports photography contest, the Istanbul Photo Awards.

Photographers are invited to submit their images to be assessed for four categories: news single and news story, for an individual news photo or a collection around a story, and sports single and sports story. The jury will also select one photographer for a special award.

Applications will be accepted between November 1 and December 31 2014 via www.istanbulphotoawards.com.

Anadolu aims to be one of the world’s five most influential news agencies as part of its 2023 Centennial Vision.

World-renowned editors, publishers and photojournalists will form the jury and the prizes will be presented in April 2015 in Istanbul.

The category prizes are:




Third Place

News Single: 




News Story:




Sports Single: 




Sports Story:     





Jury's Special Award:                     


“The Istanbul Photo Awards will also be announced at the Visa Pour l'İmage Perpignan photojournalism festival between 1st and 7th September this year,” the agency’s Visual News Editor Ahmet Sel said.

Anadolu is already a well-established global news agency offering a newswire service in seven languages with operations around the globe, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Asia-Pacific.

It serves business clients in more than 100 countries and is one of the main sources for discovering, purchasing and managing images and other digital content.

As part of its centennial vision, the agency plans to broadcast in 11 languages by 2020. The agency currently broadcasts in Turkish, Arabic, English, Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian, Russian, Kurdish, and French.

AA participates in int'l photojournalism festival

Anadolu Agency becomes the first professional participator from Turkey to enter the international festival in France.

The Anadolu Agency will open a stand at Visa Pour l'Image, one of the most prominent international photojournalism festivals, which is attended by leading photojournalists, news agencies, newspapers and magazines.

AA, the first professional Turkish participant in the festival, which is held in southern French city of Perpignan city, will promote Anadolu Images, the agency's new photo portal. It will also promote the Istanbul Photo Awards, an international photograph competition the agency will organize in 2015, to be held Sept. 1-7. 

The Anadolu Agency will hold the Istanbul Photo Awards in the scope of its centennial vision, according to which it aims to become one of the world’s top five news agencies by 2020, the 100th anniversary of its founding.

AA is already a well-established global news agency, offering newswires in seven languages with operations spreading around the globe, including in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Asia-Pacific. It serves business customers in more than 100 countries.

Participation in the festival is expected to help AA achieve its aim of having a say in the global photo distribution network. 

AA Visual News Editor-in-Chief Ahmet Sel will represent the agency during the festival. Agency Deputy Director-General Yilmaz Yaman will attend, as well. Director-General and Board Chairman Kemal Ozturk will also visit the festival. 

Anadolu Agency's photos from conflict zones will be projected on a huge screen during “projection nights” at the festival. A slide show of the photos taken by AA photojournalists in Syria, under the name "Aleppo, Wounded City," will be shown in Perpignan's amphitheater on Sept. 6.

The festival, held since 1989, is visited by around 150,000 people each year. 

Anadolu Agency to participate Visa Pour l'Image 2014

The Anadolu Agency to participate for the first time in the international photojournalism festival.

The Anadolu Agency will participate for the first time in the Visa Pour l'Image 2014 Perpignan international photojournalism festival together with world’s leading news agencies and photojournalists.

Exhibitions of Visa Pour l'Image will be open from Aug. 30 to Sept. 14 in Perpignan, a city in southern France. The festival, held since 1989, is visited by around 150,000 people each year.

Anadolu Agency will participate for the first time in the professional week of the festival to be held from Sept. 1 to Sept. 7.

Anadolu Agency's Deputy Director-General Yilmaz Yaman, Visual News Editor-in-Chief Ahmet Sel together with marketing units of the agency will take part in the “Anadolu Images” stand.

Anadolu Agency Director-General and Board Chairman Kemal Ozturk will visit the important festival.

Anadolu Agency photojournalists' photos from conflict zones will be also be projected on a huge screen during “projection nights” of the festival.

Anadolu Agency, during the days of Visa Pour l'Image festival, will also promote the “Istanbul Photo Awards,” to be held in 2015.

Anadolu Agency is to hold the "Istanbul Photo Awards" in the scope of its centennial vision, aiming to become one of the world’s top five news agencies by 2020, its 100th anniversary.